45 Years…

How great that everyone was up and ironed…dressed and ready-to-go…and every single one of them ended up in the ocean.  Grandfather had nothing but smiles and laughs as his grandchildren pushed him into the water with his clothes on.  So what did the rest of the crowd do?  Joined him.  Happy 45th Anniversary…you make it fun.

High Five…

So…most of my shoots end up getting a little crazy.  Quite frankly, some of the time I cause the chaos.  My thing is – the rowdier the better – we start having a little fun and the real smiles come out.  Inevitably, we push this fun as far as we can…sometimes right up until tears.  Fashion not function, people.  We have work to do.  I love it when the parents get it…don’t stress out…and as in this case, high five at the end of it.  Perfect – love it.  (I shot this sweet little family before when they only had ONE munchkin!)  So great to see you guys again and meet all the new little people!


Movin’ on…

I hope this finds you somewhat settled and on your way.  Moving is by far one of my least favorite activities so my fingers are crossed for smooth sailing!  Here is your sneak peek from our send-off shoot.

July 2, 2015 - 9:05 pm

Catherine Koysza - Travis, we loved our shoot with you! So glad we squeezed it in before heading out. Wish you could come with us! Let us know if you’re up in the DC area!!!!

Summer Breeze…and “I Do”

Beautiful, small wedding on the third floor porch of a High Battery home.  The ceremony was performed by Al Zadig and was perfect…the family was festive and the weather was warm and breezy.  Congratulations to you both on the Best. Day. Ever.

June 16, 2015 - 3:06 am

Mike Frenzel - Fantastic photography! So glad you were there to capture the day- thank you!

June 18, 2015 - 9:04 am

Sandy Wilson - Would love to order one of the pictures from you. It is of my husband and me. DSC9579
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Let me know how I can, please.

L I K E   F a c e b o o k