Lego stickers…Dog smears…Golf balls…and LAUGHS!

I love, love, LOVE these boys.  What a treat it has been to watch them grow and get to know their personalities.  Their pretty Mama is one of my very fav’s and she enjoys these boys and you can totally tell she loves being a Mama.  Such a fun afternoon…can you spot the emoji face??

A little Cabot adjustment…

Fabulous morning visiting with these great people and pups.  Cheers to happily settling back in Florida with your new addition.  I love that we got to capture his first visit to the beach…Go boy, GO!

Pine Cones…Rocking Chairs…Fresh Air…and a Kick Plate!

This little peanut was about 2 weeks old the last time I had a playdate with her.  Now…all it takes is a little breeze, a pine cone and life is all SMILES.  So fun seeing you both…here is a little peek.  Oh…and totally busted Miss Priss checking herself out in the kick plate.  Love it.

Tiny in Pink…

This sweet little munchkin was just a few days old…and Mama was in jeans.  J-E-A-N-S!  Not a sign that she had recently given birth to one of the daintiest, most feminine, little sweet peas in the land.  Here’s a little peek into what her world was like at 10 days old!


Mama…is a ROCKSTAR!

This sweet child came bouncing into this world…at a mere eleven+ pounds.  Bless you, Mama…you are a rockstar.  My largest baby was almost a bag of sugar less than that.  Bless you.  He is delicious and you look FABULOUS…here is your sneak peek.

Teddy Bears and Turtles…

This morning couldn’t have been any better.  Great weather…good moods all around…dragonfly siting…turtle siting…Paddington reading…and laughs galore!  Enjoyed our fabulous morning together!!


Ah…sisters.  One of the benefits of getting to experience so many families is watching the family dynamics.  Without a doubt…there is generally an older, more serious sibling…not necessarily tolerant of the younger one’s free approach to life.  I have it going on in my own household and it’s pretty cookie-cutter across the board.  Love it!  Thanks for a fun morning of tree climbing and laughs!

L I K E   F a c e b o o k