Baby girl makes four…

Sweet mama has had a tough go at it for the first couple of weeks…but boy she seems to be handling everything like a cool cucumber.  Her household includes a brand new baby girl, a 2-year old boy, an English Mastiff and a kitty cat.  AND…they just moved.  No worries…she’s got it all under control…house is clean, calm and most importantly, happy.  Here’s a peek of our fun morning together.



Meetin’ the Dew at the Dew…

I’m always envious of the families who actually take full family vacations.  What fun to spend quality time all together…to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or just because.  I met up with this fun crew just before they were heading out to The Ordinary…delish…and I hope you experienced the seafood tower!  Enjoyed our happy hour together…here is a sneak peek and the rest shouldn’t be too much longer before they go up.

Blind date…sort of!

I am most impressed with the way this sweet couple met…and kudos to his proud papa for not keeping his mouth shut.  A boasting-parent success story, for sure.  Love it.

I have so much love and admiration for this Mama…as she is one of our medical society’s rock stars and just a sweet, solid human being.  Congratulations on baby “C”…I hope she can handle the household tug-of-war between Syracuse and Clemson.


Starting out on my BEST foot…

Well…that’s not exactly right.  My habit is to be a little early to my shoots as I never like to feel rushed and certainly don’t want to bring that feeling to a shoot.  THANK the LORD I was 30 minutes early to this shoot…in Kiawah.  Because SOMEBODY…left SOMETHING…pretty important behind and had to do some quick problem-solving.  I was no longer early to this shoot…nor on time…but these sweet people could not have been more gracious.

It really is the very BEST to hang out with you…each and every time.  Please tell Miss “C” that I continued to wear the bracelet she made me.  Later that night…I JUMPED out of bed…dusting off my head, my shoulders, my arm…CERTAIN a bug had crawled on me.  After a thorough search…we determined that my palm bracelet had dried out…and a little piece of it decided to play a trick on me.

Oh…and feet up ↑ zippers down↓…love it.

Duck in a Tree…

Another favorite annual family who I have most enjoyed watching grow through the years.  Miss Priss was not even two when I first met her and now she has total charge of these two boys.  We had a nice, muggy morning in the park…great moods, running around, climbing trees and being silly.  Mr. “A” looked way up in a tree amongst the resurrection ferns and spied a lone duck…just hanging out.  See if you can see him!


Just look closely…

I love (I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t…) when there is a little chaos during a shoot.  I try to tell parents that there is really nothing that children or anyone can do wrong.  Boogers, tears and hair-pulling will be funny at some point down the road.  Please look closely in this first picture.  We’re making memories, people!!

“Don’t poke…the sweet little bear…”

It is always a treat to get the early summer email from you planning an August meet up.  As usual, it was so great seeing everyone …and I certainly loved meeting Mr. “G”.  Cheers to you for successfully achieving a yearly, family vacation!  Here’s a sneak peek…and the rest will be up shortly.

L I K E   F a c e b o o k