Dublin and Dalkey, Ireland…London and Canterbury, England…Barcelona, Toledo and Madrid, Spain…

Having a blast on our European tour with St. Philip’s Children’s Choir.  Family vacation on the front end to Ireland…in England now for the International Children’s Choir Festival at the Canterbury Cathedral.  Will make our way to London and then will push on to Spain.  Great times so far…

July 28, 2016 - 4:51 pm

Paul - Wow… are all of these from Ireland? Beautiful country, people, and beer (that Guinness looks….. wait for it….. STOUT!)

Everyone is HOME!

It’s hard with a household of busy teenagers…to get everyone on board…at the same time…with a good attitude.  Well these are some of the nicest young people I know.  Mama had to pin me down in an orthodontist office to get back on my radar (who knew a child graduating from high school could suck your brain out of your head??) and we got it on the calendar and got it done while everyone was home – available – and happy.  Perfect.

L I K E   F a c e b o o k