Chicagoan Friends…

I feel like I’ve know this fun crew forever.  They are from Chicago so of course my first comment is that my son goes to DePaul University.  They both graduated from there.  I find that crazy because when two little worlds come together like that I think it’s fun…and quirky…and meant to be.

I showed up to a familiar scene of, “I don’t want to be in this dress!”, “I want my hair different!”,  “Why are we doing this today?”…but I think we turned it around and had ourselves a fun little morning.  I most enjoyed meeting you guys and am hopeful to make it up to Chicago SOON!

Boot Scootin’ with the Flamingo’s….

Beautiful day…in a spectacular city…a happy couple…and victorious Flamingo’s!  What a treat to be a part of such a fabulous wedding day.  With family and friends abound, I’m pretty sure Kathleen and Lou couldn’t have ordered up a better day for their celebration.  From the girls’ gathering…to the Banyan tree…to the rockin’ Sailfish Club…it was the very best.  Loved the first dance…here’s a sneak peek.

Little Miss Camellia…

So this cute thing was enjoying the few bits of color in her yard…and instead of sniffing the pretty pink camellia…she wanted to lick it!  So glad our afternoon visit worked out…here’s a little peek…the rest will be up soon!

Busy bee…

I was warned that this little one may not shake off her nap soon enough for me to enjoy her.  Well…I think the mild temperatures and breezes brought a play date that proved otherwise!  Thanks for our fun afternoon…I’ll let you know when the rest go up.

L I K E   F a c e b o o k