Sweet Wrinkles…

This little angel surprised Mama and Daddy early by making her debut the day after Christmas.  Mama already looks like a rock star sporting her jeans and regular clothes.  ~sigh~…whatever.   (I wore my husband’s undershirts and boxers for a several-month span before and after delivery.  For real.  That…or some oversized overalls…wow, so attractive and feminine.)  At any rate, check out this sweet girl’s wrinkled back, full head of hair and delicious lips.

Meet Mr. Chill Pill…

I had the best time just watching this sweet baby boy.  He was so laid back, confident and content.  Mama and Daddy…I do hope you are able to enjoy the view and relax a little before heading home.  Thank you so much for having me out – what a pleasure.

Cheers to the Greatest…

This is hands down…no doubt about it…one of the nicest families around.  Mama does such a good job at keeping everyone busy, happy and around the living room.  Cheers to ALL OF YOU…and, thank you for taking Henry in like one of your own.  Happy New Year!

Merry Marry!

I recently had someone ask me if I enjoy shooting weddings or is it something that I dread?  I LOVE every single thing about it.  There is a whole process of emotions that is so fun to witness from beginning to end.  This particular wedding and wedding-party was just perfection and these two are true love birds.  CHEERS to you for pulling off one of the most fabulous nights…during a crazy time of year…in the most laid-back way ever!  Thank you for including me.

When your cast…matches your dress…BOOM!

So we’ve got this shoot on the books…and I get a text from Mama less than 24 hours that “C” had broken her wrist.  Hey…it matched perfectly with one of the outfits!!


Merry Merry…

Always a fun time in the back yard with these two…and their pups!

Hunting ducks…making Pig noises…and climbing Trees!

Oh oh oh…this sweet child has always caught my eye and grabbed my heart.  He is Mr. Happy with the most delicious head of hair and he is…all boy.  He climbs, swats, throws, jumps…all the time.  Here is a quick little peek of the BLAST we had in the park.  XO

Lego stickers…Dog smears…Golf balls…and LAUGHS!

I love, love, LOVE these boys.  What a treat it has been to watch them grow and get to know their personalities.  Their pretty Mama is one of my very fav’s and she enjoys these boys and you can totally tell she loves being a Mama.  Such a fun afternoon…can you spot the emoji face??

A little Cabot adjustment…

Fabulous morning visiting with these great people and pups.  Cheers to happily settling back in Florida with your new addition.  I love that we got to capture his first visit to the beach…Go boy, GO!

Pine Cones…Rocking Chairs…Fresh Air…and a Kick Plate!

This little peanut was about 2 weeks old the last time I had a playdate with her.  Now…all it takes is a little breeze, a pine cone and life is all SMILES.  So fun seeing you both…here is a little peek.  Oh…and totally busted Miss Priss checking herself out in the kick plate.  Love it.

L I K E   F a c e b o o k