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The Cheesy….

“C” is arguably one of the cutest, sweetest little fellows around.  Great disposition….into everything boys would be into…..and just happy-go-lucky.  Loves to kiss on Mama and Daddy – who, by the way, couldn’t be any nicer themselves.  Mama is having “C”‘s baby brother in October and he seems eager to meet him.  He didn’t hesitate […]

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Good ole boys…

I came home the other afternoon and found my 4th grader and asked….”Guess who I saw today?”  His response was typical to a 9-year old boy who could give a rat’s tail about what I’ve been up to.  “W” was my reply to his shoulder shrug….and a HUGE grin came across his sweet, rugrat face. […]

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Happy Birthday to 40% of my Household!

My husband and I had our little girl on his birthday.  I remember one of the doctors coming in to do a post-delivery check on me and saying, “Oh brother, I can see the writing on the wall….she’s going to be spoiled rotten.”  Well, that was okay by me on that day because I thought […]

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Mazel Tov!!

One thing I learned for SURE this weekend is…..put a bunch of teenagers in a room…DJ crankin’ in the corner….and it is ON people!  I was fortunate enough to shoot the Bat Mitvah for a sweet girl whose family I met about three and a half years ago when I shot her older brother’s Bar […]

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Kiawah happiness…

I met up with this sweet family on a playground out at Kiawah….it was hot, muggy and buggy….but the mood was right on.  I explained that we may want to knock out the family photo first in case we had any little ones that decided to melt down at any point….Daddy’s response, “Not a chance.” […]

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Checking in on “B” and “C”….

What feels like was just yesterday….is right around the corner.  Every year, from September to December….my work life is crazy.  I love it.  I do great with lots of work going on.  I can’t believe it’s that time again….the H-o-l _ _ _ _ rush is around the corner.  I can’t even say it.  I […]

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L I K E   F a c e b o o k