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Happy Birthday Sweet “T”

These people are some of our favorites…..we live right next door and we all joke that we should have given each other “our stuff back” for Christmas.  Wine glasses, dishes, etc….  Our dogs help themselves in and out of each other’s houses and so do our children.  We love it.  Happy Birthday to one of […]

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It seems like yesterday….

We’ve all heard our parents say it….and we’re all feelin’ it now….but it seems like it was just the other day when we were pinning those boutonnieres on the lapels of our dates.  My daughter asked me the other day ‘what kind of dresses did you wear?’  Well let’s see now….I’m the baby in my […]

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January day in the Park….

This is, hands down, one of my favorite people to work with on a project – she’s dependable, SUPER nice, not emotional, doesn’t get rattled….and just flat gets-it-done.  With a smile.  Poor thing gets pulled here and there to do, do and do some more.  Her children are so pleasant, thoughtful and friendly…..I actually had […]

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Say Yes!

Sometimes I get to the end of the day and wonder how I got there.  Busy days suit me…I prefer to look up and be surprised by the clock.  Sometimes….especially since my time in the delivery room….things slip in….and out….and maybe back in….my brain.  So, it was fun to open up an email today from […]

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Mr. Serious….

This is sweet “C” that we last checked in with on Halloween.  His older brother was at school yesterday so I didn’t get to see him…..and I think baby “C” was missing him too!  We barely cracked through Mr. Serious.  That’s alright……you couldn’t be any sweeter and I don’t need to see a smile to […]

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Miss ‘Bossy Boots’ is back at it…..

This is the time of year that I pull myself back together.  The holiday season starts along side of wedding season….my household has 4 birthdays in the Fall….and all that goes with the never-ending holidays from spook to sparklers.  I take the first part of January and shut down for a little bit and pull […]

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L I K E   F a c e b o o k