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Old School Summertime…

This family’s Daddy is a doer…a ‘get it done’ kind of guy.  He’s sort of like Fred Sanford meets Ebay Genius…he is a master at finding classic…’things’. More importantly, he is pretty good at creating old-school fun…no water park, no video games…just a hose, two boys and two buckets of water.  Awesome.

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Batter up…

This family called me by way of another great family…but my youngest caught me editing and said, “I know that kid…he’s the one that can whack the baseball!”  And then I remembered…we had marveled at his young talent a few weeks earlier at a neighbor’s baseball game.  Always a small world.  Thanks for having me […]

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Family Fun Time….

A great big family…almost all of them together for the weekend…and rain was not going to scare us away.  What a fun afternoon…with  personality all over the place!!  Enjoyed it!

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“Back-neck Sugah…”

Seriously, is there anything better…than a quiet morning at the beach…weather just right?  Thanks for having me out to Folly…and I love making the “back neck sugar” connection!

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Life is Good…Summertime with cousins.

This sweet family came by way of one of my out-of-town groupings where I pack several shoots into one day somewhere other than Charleston.  This week, they happened to be with some extended family and invited me to Pawley’s Island beach to see everyone.  I had a great time meeting everyone, seeing how the four […]

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