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Sweet girl makes Three!

I did not know this cute little family before our shoot.  By the time we said our good-bye’s…we had played the name game so hard we were all hugging due to our fast friendship by way of Kevin Bacon’s degrees of separation.  What a great afternoon with you and little Miss Priss.  Thank you.  

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Four Corners of the Country…

Great big family…coming from all over…for a little Folly fun.  I love walking into a houseful of people – all enjoying each other.  Hope your vacation was fabulous.

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Good old family…

Tommy and I first met this sweet couple while hosting a young couples’ group.  Everyone, except us, was pretty much baby-free at the time…back when the toothpaste cap and open kitchen cabinets were the height of marital strife.  Now, these two are trekking along nicely with three cuties in tow.  Thanks for having me along […]

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I attended a private baptism last week with a sweet little family…and couldn’t have been more impressed with the loud and clear message that was given by the priest.  A great reminder that it truly is the responsibility of family, friends, godparents and the church family…to help carry this child.  Fantastic!

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Beach lovin’ fun…

I love hanging with families…who truly enjoy each other.  This sweet crew is so great to be around…no stress with love and laughter throughout.

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Boys and their Mama…

I have two boys and a girl.  My sweet girl and I like to paint fingernails, cook in the kitchen and shop for bathing suits.  During our bedtime prayers last night, we thanked God for each other…the product-loving, sale-rack clearing, sweet-smelling allies of the house.  My boys…love to serve up a little Mama wrestling with […]

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