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Duck in a Tree…

Another favorite annual family who I have most enjoyed watching grow through the years.  Miss Priss was not even two when I first met her and now she has total charge of these two boys.  We had a nice, muggy morning in the park…great moods, running around, climbing trees and being silly.  Mr. “A” looked […]

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Just look closely…

I love (I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t…) when there is a little chaos during a shoot.  I try to tell parents that there is really nothing that children or anyone can do wrong.  Boogers, tears and hair-pulling will be funny at some point down the road.  Please look closely in this first picture.  We’re […]

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“Don’t poke…the sweet little bear…”

It is always a treat to get the early summer email from you planning an August meet up.  As usual, it was so great seeing everyone …and I certainly loved meeting Mr. “G”.  Cheers to you for successfully achieving a yearly, family vacation!  Here’s a sneak peek…and the rest will be up shortly.

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Sunrise…at Sundown…

I have lived in Charleston for nearly 30 years…and continue to discover and rediscover little gems throughout the city.  I met up with this sweet family at Sunrise Park on James Island.  I haven’t been there in years…and it’s such a great little spot.  You can see the beautiful Ravenel Bridge, get your toes in […]

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Beautiful beach hair…

Does this child not have the most beautiful head of hair!?  A fabulous morning with sweet little “E” and family.  I love that we connected and hope that the rest of your week was relaxing and full of sand.  “E”…start getting that pink and purple backpack ready to go!

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ONE love…

Sweet little Priss was the star of the Saturday show…on a very muggy morning.  The family gathered all around to watch her eat cake…and she wanted…none of it.  Hardly a lick.  She had places to crawl and people to visit so we had a great little morning anyway in a beautiful spot.  Here is your […]

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