Father’s Day Tradition – 5th Year!

This little family never disappoints……a little bit of silly, a lot of fun, and a pair of super cool, laid back parents.  This is my 5th year doing this Father’s Day tradition…and I look forward to them every time.  “C” was a newborn when we started….now, he is full on in charge of himself.  I always know the shoot is just about over when his tongue starts taking a rest on the outside. “D” is still into girly things – this year, she left her lipstick at home!  Bummer.  And “E” is busy planning and organizing everyone’s day.  They have a new pup in the family that I was super happy to have along.  Love, love seeing you guys…..and my apologies that my sneak peek is delayed…but this lil’ computer took a field trip…~sigh~…a really expensive one…. to Apple Camp….


L I K E   F a c e b o o k