Look up…you go where you’re looking!

So…I leave this family each time with a little more love in my heart for all of them.  Daddy used to tickle me when he would say, “At least someone in our household cries each day….”  I get it, I am a mother of three and things can get hairy.  Sweet “A” brings a special ingredient to the recipe…but that just brings more kisses and love to the mix.  “C” and “P” are full of big grins and eagerness to play with me…and give kisses to little Miss Delicious.

As a quick side note, I think Mama is one of the prettiest around.  She has been blessed with the beauty of always looking “refreshed.”  I know, I know…there is no such thing in motherhood…but you do look it.

L I K E   F a c e b o o k