So much love…to give and receive!

This party of seven is a special bunch…and I say “seven” because Jinx and Lilly were the first babies…and still run the show.  I have certainly said it before…but these are some of my very favorite people who live life with SMILES and positivity.  Cheers!


One of my favorite families of all time and it’s a r-e-a-l shame they don’t have any fun.  Lots of laughs…all the time.


Phyllis on the Dock…

I sure do enjoy seeing these people every year and cannot believe that “M” was working on his college essay when I left.  Time is passing us by quickly…and doing handstands, back tucks and climbing trees is the way to go!


Deputy Marshal…!

Through the years…I’ve had many-a-laugh with this cute Mama.  It all starts way back when we were sorority sisters in the late 80’s.  We have a little something in common as we both held the office of “Marshal” in our sorority.  That’s right…the MARSHAL.  Just writing that makes me belly laugh.  #secrethandshake #password #cantevenrememberthepassword Delta LOVE, girl.

Go, Daddy…Go!

The last time I saw these cute people…they were packed up and ready to move to Virginia.  Well guess who is back in town!?  Loved having a playdate…and loved Daddy playing even more.  Sneak peek will soon be followed by your full gallery!

Lucy LOVE…!

I roll up on this house…and immediately wish for the restart button on designing and building our own home.  Fabulous is an understatement.  To top it off…Mama runs such a tight ship that not a pencil was out of place…and she has 1-2-3-FOUR boys.  FOUR.  Not a dirty sock to be found.  My house?…not a clean sock to be found…or better yet…you can always find a mound of unfolded clean clothes.  Loved my afternoon with all of you and Miss Lucy…I think she knew she was in for a photo shoot and enjoyed herself!


A day off of school…?

…and these sweet teenagers spent it with me.  Most impressed that you guys were willing to get up on your day off and hang out with this old lady.  

The hills are alive…with the sound of mu-cus…

Fall weather is HERE…and so are the noses.  I love this crew so much.  Mama and Daddy are as cool as they come…and ready to laugh.  The boys…are on fire.  Happy and full of play…my DREAM!  Remember my motto: “The crazier the better!

Barefoot…and Fancy Freeeee!

Another favorite family…who I have loved seeing year after year.  Ride on…James…ride on.

Friendship bracelet…

I’ve been shooting this crew since before the little man came along.  Two years ago, these sweet sisters made me a loom bracelet that I still have and wear.  Love my connection with this awesome crew and always feel like Mama and I should go grab a beer after we’re done shooting.  One day…ahh one day.

L I K E   F a c e b o o k