Brothers at the Beach…

This great daddy is the brother of one of my ALL-time favorites…(whose post will be up next.)  I loved playing at the beach with the boys and inevitably…things started shy and wrapped around Daddy’s leg…next thing you know we were belly-laughing.  What a way to enjoy the last days of Summer!




Big brother love…

This sweet big brother has always tickled me…and now his little expressions are priceless.  He couldn’t have been sweeter to his new baby sister and was most excited to hold her and kissed all over her.  Delicious on so many levels.

Puppy kisses…

As always…it was so much fun to see you guys and loved meeting Mr. Delicious and the new puppy.  What a great morning…xo

Off to Scotland she goes…!

Hurricane Katrina blessed us with this family…and everyone was teeny tiny when they arrived.  Now…we did a farewell photo shoot as the oldest heads to University of St. Andrews in Scotland.  I love to see children take off and experience something new…and cannot wait to hear the stories on the back end.  Here’s a quick look at our fun afternoon…I’ll let you know when the rest go up.


Baby girl makes four…

Sweet mama has had a tough go at it for the first couple of weeks…but boy she seems to be handling everything like a cool cucumber.  Her household includes a brand new baby girl, a 2-year old boy, an English Mastiff and a kitty cat.  AND…they just moved.  No worries…she’s got it all under control…house is clean, calm and most importantly, happy.  Here’s a peek of our fun morning together.



Meetin’ the Dew at the Dew…

I’m always envious of the families who actually take full family vacations.  What fun to spend quality time all together…to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or just because.  I met up with this fun crew just before they were heading out to The Ordinary…delish…and I hope you experienced the seafood tower!  Enjoyed our happy hour together…here is a sneak peek and the rest shouldn’t be too much longer before they go up.

A Man Walks Into a Bar…

Greatest. Family. Ever. celebrating their baby girl going away to high school.  Lots-o-laughs, pink flamingoes, good wine, frisbees, beaded tribal sticks, broken benches, family and friends galore made for a festive send-off.  And…in case you didn’t know…#iwanttobetradd

Splish…2 and 4 is a SPLASH!

Another incredible party out at a family beach house.  These boys have it made in the shade as their families know how to make a DAY out of their special days.  Burgers, dogs, friends, massive water slide, juice boxes, container ships passing by, homemade cakes made by their favorite aunt…it really can’t get any better.


Blind date…sort of!

I am most impressed with the way this sweet couple met…and kudos to his proud papa for not keeping his mouth shut.  A boasting-parent success story, for sure.  Love it.

I have so much love and admiration for this Mama…as she is one of our medical society’s rock stars and just a sweet, solid human being.  Congratulations on baby “C”…I hope she can handle the household tug-of-war between Syracuse and Clemson.


L I K E   F a c e b o o k