Early morning fun…!

Yes…we took a chance on such an early shoot…the morning after a Halloween party…but I think we had ourselves some fun despite the roosters crowing!  Mama, you have to be proud as these are four as they are the nicest, most polite, little people.

Worth it times TWO…!

Love getting to visit with these two…always a fun time on Worth Avenue!

Oversized human mosquitos…lots of wind…and a lil’ frost…

It’s always nice when I get out of town to do a little work.  No laundry…no carpooling…just work with a large side of fun.  It was great to meet some new friends this time.  Here is your sneak peak…I’ll let you know when the rest of the gallery goes up!

When in Palm Beach…enjoy!

These are two of my fav’s…and we always have a fun time together.  Mama almost cancelled because of conflicting plans and she couldn’t be there…but I think we made the right decision and the girls did GREAT.  Despite the drizzly weather and the gusting wind…our girl time..was right on time.

Windy and blocked off!

We attempted one location…but were roped off and blocked out…and the winds were tropical storm speed and we needed to think fast due to impending rain.  With some quick maneuvering, we pulled it off!  I hope the rest of the day was fabulous and that little mister was able to get his treat!

I mean…I can’t even…

This sweet girl is happy, sweet and snuggly…like the kind of stuff that makes you want to pour gravy on her and get all up under that chin…legs…ears…fingers.  Deeelish.

Sleepless nights…

It doesn’t take long to forget all the exhaustion that comes with having a newborn.  I remember thinking how could something so tiny…upset my household so much.  So glad I got to see “T” and meet little “S”.  Won’t be long before you get some sleep and they are best buds.


I love love LOVE the energy of children and all the fun that rough-n-tough brings.  Seriously…I always say, “The crazier the better” and I mean it.  I’d rather grass stains and skinned knees versus perfect smiles and ironed clothes.  This entire crew brings it with cousin love from tough tackles to bunny ears to full moons a risin’!  SO FUN.


Smitten with the Mitten…

These great people vacation at Kiawah Island all the way from Michigan…and have taken my sweet husband’s tour several times.  They asked him if he happened to know of a photographer.  Um…”As a matter of fact.”  We combined a little pre-dinner family session with some engagement photos and got it all done!

Ahhh…delicious newborn…

Is there anything better than a sweet, snuggly, brand new little peanut?  I don’t think so.  If I didn’t have a camera in my hands…I’d get all up under that chin, in between toes, all over the belly.  Delicious.  A sweet little family with one of the greatest big sisters around.

L I K E   F a c e b o o k