Busy bee…

I was warned that this little one may not shake off her nap soon enough for me to enjoy her.  Well…I think the mild temperatures and breezes brought a play date that proved otherwise!  Thanks for our fun afternoon…I’ll let you know when the rest go up.

Newborn delish…

First of all…Mama is back in her jeans…(it’s been two weeks, people!)  You look fabulous.  Sweet little “G” must have really enjoyed yesterday’s mild weather…she was as content and laid back as could be.  Enjoyed my morning with you…here’s a little peek.

Sweet Virginia…

This Mama is one of my all time favorites.  Even though we hardly see her these days, she was once like a part of our family and will always be close to our hearts.  I couldn’t be happier for her with the arrival of this little pink angel.  Many blessings to you and your sweet family.

On the go…go…go

I have been shooting this sweet family for years.  “L” has always been a friend to me, my camera and calm enough for me to “capture.”  Baby “L”…could give two licks that I am there playing with him.  He’s pretty much interested in me seeing the curl on the back of his head. He has bigger and better things to see, find, check out, run a car on, trip over, catch, touch…you name it.  Love ’em both.  Look forward to the next time.

WEZL’s Concert for the Kids…let’s build it!

MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital is close to our hearts as our two boys spent a little bit of time there.  One for prematurity and one for viral meningitis at 4 weeks old.  I love when I am asked to help out towards a great cause.  Last night put me up close and personal at a fantastic songwriter’s concert with Gary Allan, Marren Morris, Big and Rich and Trent Harmon (the very last American Idol!)  Fun times with great music.  Let’s build this new Children’s Hospital!

Price it OUT!

This is my daughter’s baking buddy and park pal.  What a delight she is…full of smiles and great moods!  Enjoyed our fun afternoon with Christmas weather!

Look up…you go where you’re looking!

So…I leave this family each time with a little more love in my heart for all of them.  Daddy used to tickle me when he would say, “At least someone in our household cries each day….”  I get it, I am a mother of three and things can get hairy.  Sweet “A” brings a special ingredient to the recipe…but that just brings more kisses and love to the mix.  “C” and “P” are full of big grins and eagerness to play with me…and give kisses to little Miss Delicious.

As a quick side note, I think Mama is one of the prettiest around.  She has been blessed with the beauty of always looking “refreshed.”  I know, I know…there is no such thing in motherhood…but you do look it.

Sittin’ on the dock with the girls…

It’s really fun to show up to shoot a family year after year…and recognize the different personalities.  I always enjoy this great little crew…and the fun that naturally comes along.  From gold, glitter cat ears to posing with bunny ears…merry, merry to the best.


Mama and Phyllis…

Mama doesn’t have a chance…for a quiet moment without tree-climbing, head-standing, head-locking with all these boys.  Even Daddy gets way up high in a tree!  Merry Merry to you, year after year!

Feed ALL the ducks…

I’ve never seen a child get so lucky and successfully hand feed duck…after duck…after duck.  Mr. Happy is ready to go and always with a smile.  Thanks for such a great morning together.  I’ll let you know when the rest of your gallery goes up.

L I K E   F a c e b o o k