Mama, Daddy and all the Sisters…

Perfect Sunday afternoon with these five.  Sister couldn’t get over the squirrelfest…there she was…in her own little heaven with a slight case of doggie ADD.  It’s real, I witnessed it.

She’s in charge…and sweet as can be.

You cannot find a more patient, kind and go-with-the-flow big sister.  Three boys younger than her…and she’s cool as a cucumber.  Thanks for chauffeuring me around to find the next location.  Enjoyed our afternoon together.


I promise you I mean it when I say…the crazier the better.  I know it can drive any Mom and Dad to drink…but don’t worry…sit back and enjoy the happiness!  This Mama and Daddy team are beyond awesome…and little Dennis and Menace are nothing but delightful…pure energy and happiness.  I had myself a fabulous morning with all four of you.



What a crazy week it was right before Thanksgiving…so much loss at such a tender time of year.  Mama has a new theme…GRACE.  I hope Thanksgiving was fabulous having all your boys home.


Pretty in pink…noses.

Year after year…this day has become a family tradition.  Mama and Daddy take the morning…have a photo shoot…then something fun to follow.  Sometimes it’s a movie…and sometimes it’s something as simple as breakfast.  You are creating great Christmas-time memories and the girls are ready, willing and happy… every year.  Tis the SEASON!



Love seeing these girls year to year.  Including the puppies is always fun…and I’ve now got one of my very favorite pictures of all time.

Best. Photobomb. Ever.

Double the fun!

We’ve been trying to pull this together for a little while…and I’m so glad things worked out.  Especially on a day that we were almost reality tv stars…almost.

Cheeto’s, Ice Cream and good ole’ Coca Cola…

I think that every time I post about these peeps…I start it with LOVE, Love, love…because you can’t help but adore them.  I’ve been shooting them since before Mr. Cutie entered the picture and Mama is the BEST.  We finished our afternoon with an old-school drugstore counter snack!  Who doesn’t need some Cheeto’s and Coca-Cola after some chocolate ice cream?


Pretty ginger…

Sweet little family…growing up way too fast.  Enjoyed our ‘voting’ morning out and I hope you have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

L I K E   F a c e b o o k