Starting out on my BEST foot…

Well…that’s not exactly right.  My habit is to be a little early to my shoots as I never like to feel rushed and certainly don’t want to bring that feeling to a shoot.  THANK the LORD I was 30 minutes early to this shoot…in Kiawah.  Because SOMEBODY…left SOMETHING…pretty important behind and had to do some quick problem-solving.  I was no longer early to this shoot…nor on time…but these sweet people could not have been more gracious.

It really is the very BEST to hang out with you…each and every time.  Please tell Miss “C” that I continued to wear the bracelet she made me.  Later that night…I JUMPED out of bed…dusting off my head, my shoulders, my arm…CERTAIN a bug had crawled on me.  After a thorough search…we determined that my palm bracelet had dried out…and a little piece of it decided to play a trick on me.

Oh…and feet up ↑ zippers down↓…love it.

L I K E   F a c e b o o k